Everything you always wanted to know about Barpiano Players

What actually is a Barpiano Player?

When you or your guests enjoy a beautiful evening - maybe in pleasant company at a delicious dinner - a Barpiano Player is an important part of the scenery just like a well picked wine. Elegant barpiano music adds ageless style to every event.


Playing "Barpiano" is the art of lightness and presence, the decent intensity, the red carpet for all senses.

What kind of music does a Barpianist play?

My repertoire as a Barpiano Player is very varied. It goes from Jazz, Blues, Pop & Soul to movie classics and musical songs. Although the music stays in the background it shall entertain the guests. The tunes can come from many different styles. Even songs that are not written for the piano originally can be adapted to the keys by experienced piano players.

Electronic music styles like Techno oder Hip Hop are often not transferable so well to the piano because the structure of melody and harmonies are missing there in many cases.


For special events like marriage ceremonies and theme parties I expand my repertoire if necessary.

Please feel free to ask me about your desired music!

What makes a good Barpiano Player?

A good Barpiano Player...

  • plays by heart.
  • adjusts his way of playing to the atmosphere in the room.
  • is happy about applause but doesn't need it as a motivation.
  • plays in the background and always stays present, varying and passionate.
  • won't attract attention before he stops playing an some magic in the air suddenly seems to be missing.